Reading Challenge

 As I was search through blogs, I came across this challenge. It was on an interesting site as well, Put things Off. I usually manage to read more than this, because of the job I try to do in the library, and reading books for young adults is not onerous because they are usually quick reads. (I am not saying that many are not well written or that I do not enjoy them!)

One-book-a-week might be a lot to ask but I wonder how many English teachers could reply they read a book a month, even though we, in libraries, rely on them to help support reading and literacy. How many teachers model the things that they say to their students?

There are many great new fiction books for our students and new editions of the classics are also being published. So many interests – by way of fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, e-books, audio books – are catered for and there has never been a better time to promote the habit of reading. This is the challenge for us. We could encourge all our teachers to try next term (when there are no reports to write!) to read one book a month!

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