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I have been working with year 7 students, trying to improve their searching strategies. Most of them have been interested in improving their expertise. After reading some blogs, especially  Lucacept, I have been very interested in the following.

The first is Surf Canyon, which is a very useful little tool to help the searcher drill down to find other possible relevant sites. Working with the kids in classes they do not usually go past the first page and I rarely look beyond 2 or 3 myself! Let’s face it, we are all busy and time poor! Once you download the tool (which takes very little time) you see a bullseye icon appearing beside the hits you have received for your search. If you click on the icon you see up to 3 other search results that Surf Canyon recommends, based on the content of the search results. It also tells you on what page the search result was found on. When I searched “Tropical Rainforest”, part of what I received can be seen below. I have done a few searches and it looks to be one that I will use with the students when instructing them on internet searching.


The second one is called SearchMe. It is a very visual search engine and had me fascinated as I searched using it

.searchMe-beginning search

I loved the way the search results were represented by the actual page on the screen. A scroll bar allows you to look through the pages or you can click onto the page to open it up.

Search results



It is great to be able to see the page before you open it up fully. You can also choose to choose a particular category, related to your search results (suggested by SearchMe), by using the icons at the top of the page, to narrow done your search. Lastly you can also opt to see the description as it would appear on the “usual” search engine result page by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the page. It has a lot to recommend it to students. 

You can move through the results by using either form. I am really impressed with it so far and it is still in Beta!

Split screen


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  1. hi, if you are into visual search engines check out homegrown

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