SearchMe – some new options

SearchMe now allows for a media search that can search just images or videos as well as a regular search. The videos are only from YouTube at the moment but it is still a useful tool as they load automatically and you can view them without having to visit YouTube. This is explained very well by the video they produced;

This is however not the most interesting new feature. The other new feature, that I have played around with and introduced to a young friend of mine,  is the introduction of something they are calling Stacks.  Using Stacks gives you the ability to save webpages from any search you may be conducting.

You can do this by: 1. Clicking on Stacks, in the top, right-hand corner, and choosing “new”  2. Give the stack an appropriate name. 3. You then click on the page you want, pick it up and drag it into the stack. You can drag any combination of webpages, video and images into your stack. 4. You can then share your stack by emailing the link to a friend or by grabbing the code and embedding it into your blog, Del., Twitter, Facebook and numerous other accounts. There is again a video that has been produced to explain how to use this;





This was very appealing option to my young friend. Students will like the visual format and the click and drag options to store information they have found. There are possibities for student research with stacks. They will be easily able to save relevant information they find and the opportunity to be able to share their stacks with others would be incredibly useful for group research. They will also be able to share their findings with their teachers, who could use the stacks to individualise some research skills work. Eg about how to authenticate information or evaluate websites, etc.


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