Wired for books – Listen to the authors

Wired for Books is a site that features a large collection of interviews with different authors as well as poems, stories, plays, essays and lectures, for children and adults. David Kurz created the the website to take advantage of the many literary events held at Ohio University and it has grown form there.

Many interviews were recorded by Don Swaim, as part of a CBS radio show called Book Beat. The site contains the original unedited interviews at lasted for about 30 mins. There are about 700 interviews available.

A growing collection of audio theatre presentations bring a better appreciation of the works of literature, including a recording of Shakespeare’s Macbeth by local actors and the Wizard of Oz by Wired for Books players.

Kid’s corner has some great things for kids, especially the Beatrix Potter tales, Grimms Fairy tales, a presentation of Dicken’s A Christmas Carol to name just a few.

This is an  excellent source of audiobooks and presentations for enthusiastic readers.


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  1. Well I really appreciate this thread but I learned most of my thing off the video professor CDs (yeah that dork that you see on TV lol.) Check it our if you’re interested as this is where I learned.

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