Web 2.0. Introducing it to teachers!

As I related in a previous post, I have an hour session to explain Web2.0 to some teachers. I played around with a wiki and loaded up a lot of the Commoncraft Videos from TeacherTube.

I have changed my thinking about the approach as those who will be in the session have vastly teaching methods and skills. One comment was that they did not know what web2.0 was, although thay have been using aspect of it for the past 2 years just by being at our school!

I have decided that, if nothing else, they need to understand about the social aspects. I want them to explore the worlds of wikis and blogs and realise that there is a lot to be gained from sharing their thoughts and ideas and also tapping into the thoughts and ideas of others. I have put up some of my favourite blogs and wikis to show the breadth and scope of what is out there

Social bookmarking (Del.icio.us) and Flickr, for image sharing, will also be part of the session. I will encourage each to create a Del.icio.us account and use it to find items of interest and bookmark them.
There are many who have developed all sorts of interesting tools using Flickr but for those on Monday I want to show where you can find images that you may use in assignments and with students. I have recently discovered and have been using 2 tools to find images, FlickrCC and FlickrStorm.
FlickrCC makes free to use photos, in Creative Commons, easy to find. FlickrStorm is another nice search tool that has some useful features such as the ability to look for CC photos only and create a list of imges that can be shared. ICT guy put up a nice little “how-to” on FlickrStorm on his blog and I put the link in for them. Both these are useful for our students to find and use images that are in the public domain or are licensed under Creative Commons.

I have put on some tools I like to use, Rollyo, Glogster and Wordle, which can be simple or as complex as you want to make them (as in the case of the 1st 2 mentioned) and they have access to them to explore, use or create if they want to.

There is so much on Web2.0 that could be useful to all our teachers but the only way for them to really understand is for them to dip their collective toes into the water and start to explore and create for themselves. I would like to see all our staff blogging and using RSS feed and feedreaders, but atleast being aware that others are out there doing it is a start. At least if they have a better understanding, of what web2.0 is, it is a start.


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  1. I am conducting two similar session, one is scheduled in August first week in India. The audience is teachers from Architecture Institutes. Second is scheduled in late July in Goa, India. Like you said, many of them are not aware of what web 2.0 is, although they have been living with it since last couple of years. I wonder, is it necessary to know it by web 2.0 name? anyway, i also like commoncraft videos, but I plan to run an off line session, can;t rely on broadband connectivity in India as of today. keep me updated on your sessions. Best wishes!

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