Creative Commons and schools again

CC defines the spectrum of possibilities between full copyright — all rights reserved — and the PD — no rights reserved .

I have put information about copyright and YouTube/TeacherTube onto our school’s intranet. I have also been into classes talking to students about plagiarism and fair use. The students were very keen to discuss the rights of a creator, writer etc. and easily grasped the concept of intellectual property and fair dealing.

They are also of the generation that is used to sharing and social networking (although they do not use that term). When we spoke about Creative Commons and open licenses, they listened and then discussed the topic with great interest.

After the classes, I talked with the teachers, who admitted to not having any knowledge of CC and open licenses. I wondered if this was a common thing.

From the K12 Open Ed Blog, I was directed to an on-line poll, on a site called 21st Century Connections, that asked teachers about their awareness of CC and open licenses.  It was only a small number of educators that had entered data but the results are similar to the situation at our school.

After this I decided that I need to create a page on our intranet that explains what CC and open licences are. I will also be providing links to sites, trying to make it as easy as possible for our students and staff to find resources that are available for their use.

After some discussion with another colleague, it was decided that we will follow this up with a professional development session for teachers after school.  

I suppose I could say “watch this space” as we embark on spreading the word!


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  1. This is something I need to do too Rhondda. I doubt many of our teachers have much knowledge about Creative Commons. I’ll be watching your space with interest.
    Jenny Luca.

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