Celebrating Book Week

Our  Book Week Poster

Our Book Week Poster

This is a poster created by one of our talented library staff members. The library staff have come up with a number of activities for Book Week using some of the Web2.0 tools that we learnt about whilst completing the SLAV program from term 2.

We thought we would run some competitions that first involved us creating some items using Wordle and a Mosaic tool (one of a Flickr tools set) as well as activities that will have students creating their own podcasts and Glogs to promote books. Theses and other activities will run for the week or over one lunchtime, depending which activity it is. We are looking forward to it being a busy but fun week, hopefully with lots of student activity.

For one activity we have created a number of Wordles using book synopses. The students will have to guess the books from these and they will then be encouraged to create their own Wordles of books they particularly like. A second activity is for the boys to guess the shortlisted and nominated CBCA books from the mosaics created by us.

The staff have worked on some glogs as examples to help the boys to create their own promotion poster and we will have some guideline set out for them when they “join” the Glogging community.
The podcast competition will involve the boys conducting an interview about a book or an author without giving the subjst (author or title) away.
We will also run a research activity involving a search of the SLV site ergo, which will be online and a library scavenger hunt involving the students coming into the library to locate the answers.
For those who like practical competitions, and the theme is Fuel your Mind, we thought we would have the boys design and make paper planes and then test the construction by seeing which will fly furthest.
Lastly we will also have a staff competition, although they are welcome to join the booys and learn about the different Web2.0 tools!

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