Book trailers and student input/output

There are some great book trailers being produced to coincide with the launch of new novels. When the library staff were discussing Book Week , we discussed the idea of the students making a short video. All the Year 7 students are at present learning about Video Studio and I’m am certain they will have the technical abilities to create a great short piece and wouldn’t it be more engaging than writing a book review!

Penguin has started to produce some for the books they publish and I was taken with the one for the Ranger’s Apprentice series.  

I am sure the boys would love watching something like that rather than reading a review or looking at a static poster. Another trailer I like, mainly for the opening sequence, is the one for Jodi Picoult’s Nineteen Minutes.

The students could also have some lessons on using Creative Commons materials before they start. They could then share their productions with the wider community. I know we have enough talent in our student body to also create something similar. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to show trailers for new or interesting or popular or recommended books. Trailers that have been created by the students for viewing in the library, on our intranet or upload them into wikis or YouTube, etc.

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  2. Great ideas, Rhonda. Where did you find the videos? I think the videos are a great hook for students. A good alternative to sitting and listening. They’d definitely sit up and take notice if their peers made them.

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