Web inSuggest – a different kind of search

I read about this and thought it might be worth a look.


Web inSuggest asks you to enter a web address and it recommends sites of a similar ilk. I tried putting in the web address for the author’s index in Focus on fiction and got the following 8 suggestions.

Magpies (The source); CBCA Homepage; Australian Authors and Illustrators were the closest to the site I put in. The next sites, Allen and unwin Teachers notes; Harper Collins (Australia)-teacher guides; Dromkeen Museum – Scholastic Australia; Moreton Region – Ipswich District Teachers’ network were also quite good matches. The last Learning Technologies was of less us in my search. I am not sure if there is any ranking system. So is the search useful? From this little search I would say it is promising so far. I suppose it will also depend on how accurately people tag pages. I certainly will try more searches as it could be helpful for use by librarians when creating pathfinders.

There are 3 pages where you can obtain suggestions; websites, images and bookmarks. When looking for images I use Flickr, FlickrCC and Flickr Storm so I don’t think that I would need to use this option.

The bookmarks option asks you to enter your Delicious user name so I am not sure about this one either.