READ poster tool

Thanks to the Shifted Librarian blog, I found out that the ALA has created a very simple little on-line tool that could be easily used in libraries. It creates a free mini poster, in a matter of seconds, which promotes reading. The user can upload any photograph they like into the space provided. I could see students, as well as staff, creating a miniposter of a book cover they like, for the library to display in a “Student recommends ….” style. There are only four styles of the READ poster but could still be fun and it is quick. The poster above are a pile of the “banned” books we have on display, Catcher on the Rye, Harry Potter, Nineteen eighty-four, etc. I can see a promotion of all types of materials also being done soon. I wander what other ways people will be able to think of using this tool?

There is also a Flickr group pool where people have shared the posters they have created.