Read while Waiting Project

It’s happening tomorrow, 23rd August. What an Idea. I do it all the time because I hate wasting my time in queues. Imagine everyone in waiting in lines doing it!!! Starting in Malaysia – could we all do it?

Students creating videos for books – a beginning

Here is another attention-grabbing book trailer. It is for a thriller, The Book of Lies, by author Brad Meltzer.

At present I have a group of students creating book trailers of the books they read, instead of writing a review. They are very keen and are engrossed in their efforts.

I also worked with a year 8 English teacher today on a storyboard activity. Each class member has to create a storyboard for a scene from a novel they have read. The students were having trouble understanding exactly how to do this. I took into class some examples of storyboards in some of the books we have on our library shelves. After these examples I showed them some of the book trailers I like. After this theybfound it easy to discuss how atmosphere was created, not just by the pictures chosen, but by the colour, the movement, the way the pictures changed and by using appropriate sound and music. Lastly I introduced them to the Creative Commons page I put onto our library page. This lists sites they could use to find appropiate resouces they they can use freely or under CC licences. It was great to see the boys all totally engrodded in the activity after they understood what was expected. They were engaged in “higher order thinking” without knowing it. And the best thing …it was beginning to be fun for them!

The next step will be for me to start playng them on a screen in the library, advertising the books in our collection.