Blogging – 4 months on

3Cs of blogging

3Cs of blogging,
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On April 30th this year I began my own journey in the world of blogging. I had been reading the blogs of others for a while but until I started the SLAV Web2.0 program, I had not taken part personally. For the first time I wrote about my ideas and thoughts and shared them, on a regular basis, with more than my immediate colleagues. It was a bit daunting at first. I had seen so many great blogs and read about many wonderful things that people were taking part in. 

I had to think about the reason behind my blog. I decided that it was to share any expertise or experiences that I may have had with others. I have always been willing to share my ideas but it has been on a much smaller scale. The world of blogging is worldwide and so much richer for the perspective, comments and input of others.

The most important personal benefit was that, by commenting in the blog, I spent more time gathering my thoughts and reflecting on things that I had tried during the day. It made me consider what I had done, learnt, observed during the day and to place it into a context. This should always occur but sometimes it gets lost in the pace of school life.

I have found a much more diverse range of ideas available to me and I hope that my approach to learning and education is richer for this.