Educational uses of the camera phone.

I read a post on the CogDogBlog about Qipit.He discussed the use of the mobile phone to take photos of something (such as a whiteboard, handwritten notes, etc. ) then emailing the photo to the site. The “shot” is then available to you as a PDF or it can be emailed or faxed.

I thought I would check it out. I went to the site and set up my free account.

It was very easy to set up an account. I had to set up my phone model, which was not on the list but I could add it. It is at this point you can choose the media to use, either your phone or digital camera.

Once I had entered the model of my phone I continued on to where the site showed me the options available.

The next screen gave advice on how to copy and send the image you have captured. It was very easy to follow and I tested it out by taking a copy of my laptop  screen.

  In a matter of moments the document was available to me as a PDF or to send out. I could put into my blog or publish on a wiki.

 Most students carry their mobile phones everywhere they go. We have students who examine graffiti art as part of their studio arts course, who go to lectures/tutorials as part of their courses, who have notes with handwritten comments, etc. These could easily be copied/scanned for their own use and/or shared with other members of their class. I am sure others will think of more uses. It is a simple and very portable option.


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  1. Rhonda, do you know how much accessing the internet on your phone would cost. Or sending a photo
    via SMS?

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