Students teaching

I have been working with some boys on book trailers. Our Year 7 students this year have all learnt about using Audacity, Photo story and Video Studio. As yet there seems to have been limited use made of their skills as a whole. I am really interested in looking how best to use the student skills in a variety of subject areas. Pondering this, I was later looking at Sheryl Nussbaum Beach’s blog, 21st century learning, and reading her entry about students becoming teachers.

She begins by mentioning the product Screenflow (a webcasting and screencasting tool). She then researches it further and she found the following video.

How good is it to see a student answering a question someone had put up about how to do something within the program? This young boy is teaching it as well as I could.

Sheryl poses the following: Why do we need to understand the shift in education? And answers: Because they can learn and teach themselves anything they want to know without leaving home. When you move from a classroom structure to a community structure – the students become teachers AND learners and so do we. 21st Century teaching and learning is about shifting classrooms to learning ecologies.

I have often heard teachers talk about what they have taught rather than about what the students have learnt. Yes, the technology is only a tool but it allows students to teach and when they have to teach something , as part of the package, they will learn. One of the best things is that today you can teach, or help someone else to learn, from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.