We are going to be part of the PLP program!

I am really looking forward to this afternoon. If any of you read Jenny Luca’s blog you will have read about the Powerful Learning Practice Program. My school is very lucky to be included in the program. Jenny has been helping  Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Will Richardson set up an Australian arm of this initiative of theirs. The group is going to be global in scale and include schools from the United States, New Zealand and other parts of Australia. Jenny has done a magnificent  job of working with the Australian schools from all educational sectors, providing  them with information and encouraging them join the initiative. A group of teachers at my school worked together on a proposal that went to the principal and we are all very pleased to be given the go-ahead.

To quote Jenny “It’s going to be very exciting leading our schools through what we all hope is going to be something transformational for our colleagues who are taking the leap with us.” We have a number of classroom teachers who want to work with the core group and incorporate various aspects of technology into their classrooms. It is exciting that we have teachers, across a range of faculty areas and year levels, willing to change their classroom dynamics and take on new approaches to learning. Continue reading