Commoncraft and Google Reader

I missed this the other day but thanks to the RSS feed I have to the blog, Lucacept, I have not missed out. I have mentioned the Commoncraft plain English videos before and they have produced another one, this time about Google Reader.

I started my first exploration of blogs after listening to Heather Blakey speak to a local school library group. Heather was one of the first exponents of teaching using blogging technology. She made the subject sound very “do-able” and full of promise. We had Outlook available for us to subscribe to blogs at my school. I dipped my toe in water and subscribed to a few blogs, Heather’s being one, and “lurked”. Last year Camilla Elliot presented a great workshop on Web2.0 and included a lot more tools. She encouraged everyone present to “rollup their sleeves” and “have a go”. So I subscribed to Bloglines amongst other things. I was suddenly in a very interesting world where people were sharing thoughts, ideas, expertise and news. I found it quite amazing and started to see just how powerful the world of the internet was becoming. I didn’t look at Google Reader until taking part in the SLAV Web2.0 program this year. By this time I was not sure if I really saw any advantages in changing from what I had already. There are many teachers, however, who still don’t understand blogging and RSS feeds. Subscribing to the blogs of others interested in education, via RSS feeds, is a great way to start. Google reader is an easily accessible tool and all of the teachers I work with are familar with some of its options. Some familiarity is always a help when introducing new ideas. Thanks to this little video above, I have a very simple and clear way to introduce the topic to them.


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  1. […] can read the rest of this blog post by going to the original source, here […]

  2. Hello Rhondda, Thanks for the acknowledgment in your blog. Hope Bloglines is still working for you as they did hit a bit of trouble late last year. If you need to swap to Google Reader you can export your files from Bloglines and transfer them over but, of course, if its still working OK leave it.
    Cheers Camilla

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