David Malouf – The influences of childhood reading

Radio Microphone

Radio Microphone,
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Another Radio National Podcast. At the 2008 Melbourne Writers’ Festival a number of writers talked about the books they grew up with and how reading stimulated their creative imagination. This week, on the 9th September, Ramona Koval, on Radio National’s Book Show, introduced author David Malouf. He is an award-winning author of novels, poetry, essays, short stories and opera libretti. For 10 minutes David talked about the books he grew up with in Brisbane and their influence on his writing.

David Malouf, who has had a number of novels listed on the VCE English reading lists, recently won the Australian Publishers’ Association’s Lloyd O’Neil Award for outstanding service to the Australian book industry. He has also published a short work called On Experience. The podcast will be available for a short time.
Also on the 9th September program is an interview, from the Edinburgh writer’s festival, with Andrey Kurkov, a Ukrainian satirist/writer of Russian extraction, whose writing combines acute political observation, deep human understanding and a talent for black comedy. This is the second time Andrey has featured on the program, the previous time was in 2006. The last writer is Elizabeth Campbell, whose first collection of poetry, Letters to the Tremulous Hand, was published in 2007. She is currently working on a book of essays about horses and literature.
The whole program last for 55 minutes, Andrey’s interview takes 26 minutes, followed by David Malouf’s talk then Elizabeth finishes the program.


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