Making BIG posters and other things

I am working on a new display for our library. We have a huge wall that is covered with black material. I am always aware that even A3 paper looks minuscule. I thought I would try the BlockPoster site. The claim is that you can make your small image into a very large one. It is also a free tool.

 I wanted a big picture of the MCG (to go with a AFL football display) I clicked on start, loaded up my image (max file size 1MB).

Next I decided just how large a poster I wanted. It was very quick to choose how big you want it to be: the default is 4 pages wide (but you can change this),  portrait or landscape, A4 or letter (US).

select size

select size

You continue and in a matter of seconds the pdf is ready for you to download. You can then print out your poster and construct it.

Download PDF file

Download PDF file

Everything fits together perfectly. I used a guillotine to slice off the white borders. There is a gallery that you can visit to see posters that others have created and you can email a photo of your own finished creation as well.

It took less than 2 minutes to create a large poster.  After I had done this, a teacher came in with a small image of a gameboard she needed. It was too small and needed to be larger than A3. We used the Block Poster site  and created the makings for 6 boards. The students will construct the boards (stick them together) and the boards will be laminated for future use. It was all so quick and simple.


5 Responses

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  2. Hi Rhonda
    How clean is the print out, ie I’m imagining it would be quite pixellated coz of the low image size required by the upload?

    is it still effective up close?
    many thanks!!

    • They are quite good but it depends on the quality of your original. The really big ones look a little less sharp close up but are very striking when you stand back to look at it.

  3. Hey I saw something like this on another blog about a year ago. It was not through a website however. Someone had created a similar method at home and were getting pages printed off at Kinkos. He had some pics of the final result and they were good.

    I think I like a site more though lol. Im gonna bookmark it and this blog. Thanks

  4. […] here for steps on how to make a Block […]

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