Searching your Delicious bookmarks

On the blog What I learned today, I found out that there is now a search engine for your bookmarks. It is called del.izzy and although still in beta format, looks interesting.  It searches through the titles of your bookmarks as well as through the contents of each bookmarked page or site. This will make it a very powerful tool.

I signed in, identifying my login and password, to begin a search. The site claims not to store your password. The initial sign-up information is to check your credentials and for all your bookmarks to be obtained (not just the public ones). To make using del.izzy faster, the bookmarks are cached and only the new ones needed to be added to new searches. Del.izzy uses Google (as a Google custom search) as its search mechanism and is a powerful search.

I tried a few searches. One search, with the keywords – book review podcast – brought up many hits. I tried – “book review” podcast – and found it reduced the hits for the search significantly.  The results screen is fairly clean and streamlined.

I can see uses for this search tool, especially when searching for reasonably specific items.

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