Book Week: celebrations and congratulations

Yesterday we finally brought to a close the CBCA book week activities for 2008 with an afternoon tea for the winning (and many of the competing) students. We asked parents of these students to come along. Many parents came along to support their sons, a number of the pastoral care teachers and Heads of House also joined in the celebrations.

The students received certificates, winners and runners-up The certificates were beautifully made up by one of our library technicians. Each one was different from the others and represented the competition the boy did well in.  The competitions involved Wordles, Mosaics, drawing a weird and wacky vehicle, paper planes, library scavenger hunt and a quiz that involved using the State Library of Victoria’s Ergo site.

I thought I would use Slideflickr to create a show of some of the images of the CBCA book week activities. The tool was vey easy to use and I created Flickr slideshows in less than a minute. This was supposed to allow me to put slideshows in my own site. It was generated from my flickr sets. You can attach audio via mp3 url. When I came to embed it into my blog it would not work. I will have to examine it later or maybe use Picasa instead. 

Until I get the slide show happening

Our principal came along and presented the certificates to the boys and congratulated them. Each of the boys also selected a book as a prize and our wonderful technician created book plates for each of the prize books chosen. I felt like Father Christmas, giving away 38 books. The students were great. They had permission to eat and drink in the library and a lot of serious discussion went on about the choices.

In a meeting today we discussed next year’s book week and what we need to keep in mind. The paper folding activities, 2007-origami and 2008-paper planes, were two of the most popular activities, across all the year levels. We are pondering what we can do next year in this line. The drawing, looking at the ideas, not artistic abilities are also always well received so we will have to look towards the 2009 theme for our ideas.

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  1. Forgot to mention that next year’s theme is Book Safari. That opens up lots of possibilities.

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