CompFight: another way to find CC photos on Flickr

I am often looking for pictures/photos in the public domain that I (and/or my students) can use in things we are creating, be it blogs, wikis, video clips or other projects. I have discussed before that students are happy to “legally” use images as long as they know how to and that it is not too complicated. The Flickr collection offers a lot but it is not always easy to find what you need. There are many who have developed all sorts of interesting tools for making better use of Flickr. have been using FlickrCC and FlickrStorm as my first port of call although I also like Tag Galaxy as well, to find interesting images.

FlickrCC makes free to use photos, in Creative Commons, easy to find. FlickrStorm is another nice search tool that has some useful features such as the ability to look for CC photos only and create a list of images that can be shared.  There is the “how-to” on FlickrStorm by ICT guy as well.  

Another search tool I have come across, via CogDog is CompFight

This is a very simple search tool to use. If you click on:

  • Tags you will have the option of searching through all the tags or all text
  • Creative Commons is a link to go between all, off or commercial searches
  • Seek Originalallows you to choose whether or not you want original images
  • One caution,I do not know how the Safe optionreally works. Typing in”sex”, which the boys are wont to do at times, results in many images of naked bodies, in various poses. Of course you explain about how to search appropriately when searching the Internet in general but I would not rely on the “safe” mode to filter inappropriate images out.

The results of a search are displayed as a thumbnail, without any of the photographs details, which means you can get many thumbnails on the page at a time and, as you can scroll down, the next batches are loaded so you don’t have to click onto the pagination tag. It is very easy to compare and get an overview of the images available and simple for students to use.

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