Dumpr, a Flickr tool

I looked at this Flickr tool earlier this year as part of a web 2.0 program. It was very easy to use when I tried it back then but I was reminded to look at it again recently after reading a post by Kathy Schrock. Dumpr allows you to do a number of number of quite neat little things to your photos. This one below is done as a rubriks cube. I like the idea of using this to modify a photo of myself when I need an icon for a blog etc. I think students would find this tool fun and easy. We have a very good program for altering/changing images within my school but this is quick and easy for beginners and very Web2.0

One option is changing your photo into a drawing This has been an option for an art task in a class I know of. This is a quick way to see what the photograph could look like in this new format. Below I pasted the code in and this is the result.

 Rubik Cube Generator
Create your own Rubik’s Cube

The option choices are as below and new ones have been added from the last time I was there.

Once you have chosen the effect, you click on it load up you photo and, within seconds, it is there for you to see. From here you can email your creation, upload it to a blog directly or embed the code or save it. If you don’t like it just go back and try something else.

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