Gickr animations

I have had some trouble getting some of the slide-shows onto my blogs but one that works very well is Gickr. You can create an animated GIF on-line. It is free, very easy to use and you can upload photographs from your computer or from Flickr. I have tries both and each works well. It claims to also convert a youTube video but I have not tried this. You can create your slide-shows without the need for Flash. 
myspace graphic
free graphic for myspace
The larger group of photos were set at the default size (300px wide) and the speed is the “slow” option. The default speed (normal) is, I believe, to fast for most larger photos. The smaller slide show is “normal” speed and the size is user-pic (120px wide). It will put in and play photographs that are both “portrait” and “landscape” orientations but if they are mixed it can look a bit odd.

Students could easily use some of the various tools (Flickr) to put captions and/or put in speech bubbles to create very simple comics. They could also put in a series of related photographs eg. a sequence of still shots of a wave breaking and create movement. Kids could also digitise their own art work to create an animation to show off the best of their folio. 

It is easy to post a Gickr animation, share it or email it.

Create myspace graphic with Gickr
pimp myspace


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