Spreeder: An on-line speed reading tool

This little tool is quite interesting. The aims of Spreeder is to help the on-line user increase their ability to read quickly, without losing track of the ideas and information in the text.

It reminds me of some exercises I used to use with my year 10 students. These exercises were designed to help students increase their reading speeds by training them to read “chunks” of text rather than word-by-word. As has been shown that readers can help their understanding of context and content of some text better when they are not reading each word as a separate entity but lines of text.

When you first start Spreeder, you get a basic input screen for text. You can paste in any number of words into the box. If you try 100k words, the application slows down a little but it still works. You get the text in the box, either by copy-paste, or by using the spreed! bookmarklet (which is even easier and eliminates the copy-paste action).

You can chose settings to suit yourself. These include:

  • words per minute (the effective speed with which spreeder will show you words)
  • chunk size (words) (the number of words Spreeder shows you at the same time)
  • window width (px) (width in pixels)
  • window height (px) (height in pixels)
  • font size (again in pixels)
  • font / background color (many colors to choose from)
  • alignment (center, justify, left)

There are also advanced setting options that allow you personalize Spreeder even more.

Spreeder.com could be a useful for improving speed reading in-line text and it can be setup to suit personal preferences  It could be useful to improve/train your speed reading skills for offline reading.

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