Digital technology in teaching and learning

I have been preparing a presentation for a conference and trying to succinctly explain the rationale for using technology, in this case students creating book trailers as a means of responding to their reading and sharing their ideas.

As part of the PLP program, over the past few weeks I have also been having discussions with various people/colleagues, both face-to-face and on-line, about Web2.0 technologies and the digital revolution going on in the world around us. Technology is omnipresent and touches many aspects of our lives today.  Many discussions have been about the application of the technologies, not the technologies in themselves, in education. They have been about how Web2.0 tools are being used, adapted and applied to create different learning opportunities for the students.  It would be fair to say that the impact that the digital world has had on learning and teaching has been patchy.

Some students have had wonderful opportunities and exposure to different digital media and have created some amazing responses to the learning tasks they have been set. These students are excited about the learning opportunities in their classrooms and look forward to being a part of them. Other students have not had the same opportunities to given to them by their teachers. Why? Continue reading