Wikipedia for schools

I was checking on a few blogs that I like and on Using ICT in Further Education (Patricia Donaghy) I found a post on this interesting version of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia for schools (2008/09)  and it is

a free, hand-checked, non-commercial selection from Wikipedia, targeted around the UK National Curriculum and useful for much of the English speaking world. …


This means that there is a European/English bias in the number of articles in different subject areas and the depth of information but it is a neat package. content

It is easy to navigate, either using the subject index or a title word search and help is there if needed.


The searches are visual and would suit junior students and I believe would also help our International students, especially when they first arrive in our school.


The fact that it can be downloaded, onto a standard DVD, makes it a useful resource if the internet is down or (at our school) a student does not have his laptop, for whatever reason.

Owing to the filters at school, I have not been able to try out the voting/polling system until now. I would be interested to see how it works.

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