Visualizing Social Media

Another post about visual stimuli. This time I have listed below a few interesting sites that show just how global the social media are.

The first is WikipediaVision (beta) created by László Kozma. The site contains a map of the world and, as you watch, you can see what people are editing or contributing to Wikipedia as “anonymous edits to English Wikipedia (almost) in real-time”and where they are based. The map moves as the new entries are added (You can also choose to watch the German, French, Spanish, Swedish edits ). It is powered by Google Chart API.


The idea for WikipediaVision came after László Kozma saw the following sites created by Dave Troy.

  • Flickrvision shows real time, geolocated Flickr photos, where the map moves around to show some of the photos being uploaded to Flickr. and


  • Twittervision, a real-time geographic visualization of posts to Twitter.


These are addictive when you start to watch.

Useful Sites (weekly)