Inky Awards – YA choices (2008)

inkys_for_webThe Inky Award Winners were announced recently. We had both of these books in our library but neither were great favorites with our students. Those that did read the novel Town, however, really enjoyed the Australianess of the story. 

The INKYS are a choice award for teenagers (12-18 year olds).and they are the ones who alone cast the votes.

The Golden Inky winner: Town by James Roy

Some reviews for Town can be found on the:  CMIS site and Insideadog site.Town has done very well in 2008 by also winning the $30,000 Ethel Turner Prize for Young People’s Literature in the NSW Premier’s Awards. 

James Roy also has a website that offers all sorts of information about his book, his writing, etc. as well as a blog. He was writer-in-residence on the Insideadog site earlier this year

The Silver Inky winner: Before I die by Jenny Downham

Some biographies: BookBrowse, Meet The Author UK site (with video of Author discussing the novel)

An Interview with Jenny Downham (NY Times)

Some reviews: Insideadog, Guardian ReviewTeenReads

The Creative Reading Prize: Awarded to Jessica Yu

The 2008 shortlisted books for the Inky awards can be found here

The earlier 2008 longlist is here

The process to choose the inky award winners was as follows:  

A longlist of 10 Australian books and 10 International books was selected by the Centre for Youth Literature. This longlist was then be read by a panel of six judges, who whittled the list down to six books (3 Australian, 3 International). Then, on 12 September, voting opened on Insideadog and via SMS. The 2008 winners were announced on Thursday 6 November. The winning Australian book received the Golden Inky and a cash prize, and the International winner received the Silver Inky.

The voting system: Young people could vote either by SMS or online at They did not need to register or ‘join’ in order to vote, but they did need to submit a valid email address. Each person could only vote twice – once for the Golden Inky and once for the Silver Inky. Every attempt was made to prevent multiple votes. The Australian and International books with the most votes were the winners.

Readers are invited to discuss the winners on the Insideadog site.

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