Ancient Rome : now part of the Google world

Google Earth have another new release. You can now investigate how Ancient Rome apparently looked, in 3D.  It is quite amazing. You can see the famous buildings/monuments of the city during the time of Constantine the Great in 320AD. It is apparently just as it looked at midday on April 1 AD320.

Its creator had chosen 320 AD “because it was Rome at its moment of greatest splendour as far as its architecture is concerned. If you went back to periods of more historical interest, like Julius Caesar’s, you would not have the Colosseum, for example.”

You can get different views of the city, swooping through the streets or looking down from Palantine Hill.

The virtual tourists can enter the city and discover 6,700 buildings, containing historical information at place marks, some of which you can enter and explore the interior. Software has enabled the creators to reconstruct the architecture and viewer can even gaze on details like marble floors, whose exact shape and pattern are known because their remains have survived to the present. 

This digital reconstruction is a great way to learn more about how the Ancient Romans lived, the only things missing are the citizens of Rome.

Download Google Earth at

Google Earth 4.3 (beta) can be downloaded for the PC, Mac or Linux. The Ancient Rome 3D layer can be found under Galleries in the Navigating Toolbar. The Ancient Rome 3D layer was created in conjunction with the Rome Reborn Project 2.0 at the University of Virginia’s Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities

If you are studying Italian, you could try this video

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