Top 100 Learning Tools

The Top 100 Tools for Learning 2008, compiled by Jane Hart, has been finalised for this year. Below are the The Top 100 Tools For Learning 2008 as a slide show. You might have seen this but I thought I would share it here. The list is based on the contributions of 223 learning professionals from around the world. Making it to number 1 is the very adaptable social bookmarking tool Delicious, that many of us use, although I do use Diigo as well. It replaced Firefox, which is at #2. Google Reader, Skype, WordPress, Google search, Google Docs, PowerPoint, Moodle and Blogger are next, in that order.

It is an interesting list. I regularly use about 25 of the tools mentioned in the first 50 of the slide show and have used 10 others on occasion.  Of the other sites I had not used, I was familiar with some, but there were some that were completely new to me. The rankings in the top 50 have changed but, in the second 50 sites, there enough new ones to prove how rapidly the digital world is changing and growing. I think I will look into them over the next few weeks and maybe post something about those that I think might be beneficial. 

How many of the tools have you used?  See any you would like to try out?