Europa Film Treasures


Screenshot from Les Kiriki – Acrobates Japonais – 1907 _ Europa Film Treasures

After LIFE/Googe archive more digitisation, another new source for archived collections. I was pleased to come across the Europa Film Treasures,  an archive of historical European films. The site has a focus on research and study and contains work from a number  of Europe’s most prestigious archives. It is part of the “Treasures from European Film Archives” project, it promises films from 28 European film archives, ranging from the UK’s British Film Institute and the Imperial War Museum to Russia’s GosFilmoFond and Spain’s Filmoteca Española. There are animations and documentaries amonst the offerings. Most of the films are European, but films from elsewhere are included as well.


 You can search a number of different ways: a particular film archive, time period, country of origin, research genre, research element, research sound or title, director or actor. There is all the information available about each film the quality of the films is quite good. A teacher’s section and documentation section will also be developed. This has the potential to be a huge resource and not only for schools. The information within these film is also useful for looking at social structures and historical information


There is also a plan to create teaching kits, in the 5 chosen languages, intended for school teachers or leisure center activity leaders as to facilitate an educational activity in a school or leisure setting.

Another quote from the site “although it is probable that already 70% of the images shot during the first fifty years of cinema are definitively lost.” This collection provides a glimpse of the full picture.  The quality of the streaming videos is good, even at full screen, whilst the terms, are the usual non commercial and personal study/use. Education is not specifically mentioned. Probably worth saying, there are a few clips some might see as ‘risque‘, but these are clearly flagged.


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  1. Great resource, Rhonda. Can’t wait for the holidays.

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