Having fun with images: RedKid.Net

I recently found out about some classroom activities using Flickr, via one of my Diigo groups.

Flickr: Tell A Story in 5 Frames – Kids was a site that showed how one teacher was using Flickr images as an inspiration for classroom writing/storytelling. Haiku 07 – a set on Flickrwhere Flickr was again used as an inspiration (or visual clues) to writing

Today I have found another tool that allows you to do a lot of fun things with images, that could then be used for classroom activities. The site is RedKid.Net.

RedKid is dedicated to providing a free, entertaining, educational, and safe website for Internet users of all ages.


There are a lot of options. You can create buttons (for your websites,etc), banners, upload images and make them into text, and so on.


A message from the fortune telling 8-ball


I have always liked the Flickr tools but they are banned in some schools. This is a site should be usable by all and is designed for students to play around with images and have fun, but adults will enjoy it too.