Diigo: Why I use it.

diigoI have been meaning to write a post about Diigo for a while. I have used a number of social bookmarking sites. I use Diigo and Delicious all the time and have also used Google bookmarks and to a lesser degree StumbleUpon and tried Furl for a while.

Delicious and Diigo are the two I used almost every day. I have linked Diigo to Delicious and so whenever I save something in Diigo it automatically goes into my Delicious account as well. I started using Delicious long before Diigo and so I had a lot of links and have also built up my network of other Delicious users. Delicious is very simple to use and get started. A lot of people have begun to use Delicious and I like to see what other people are bookmarking and to search via group keywords.

So why do I use Diigo?  

  • I like its ability to enhance my bookmarking with highlights and sticky notes, that are retained with the page when I go back to it.
  • I like that you can highlight and publish easily from Diigo to you blog or an email, and a reference appears automatically along with the posting.
  • I like the ability to create lists on specific topics that can be shared.
  • I like the ability to create groups to pool resources for specific subjects. I recently joined a few Diigo groups and have had some very useful sites brought to my attention.
  • I like that you can access and search the bookmarks anywhere by full-text and tags.
  • I like to search for the most popular bookmarks on a particular subject.
  • I like the different ways to share and aggregate information that  Diigo offers. I have set it up so that a list of my new bookmarks appears on this blog on a weekly basis but this is just one option. You can now choose to automatically
  • The tool bar is easy to download and makes it easy to use and aspect of Diigo whenever you are on line.


Of course you can keep things private if you choose to but that is really defeating the purpose of Diigo in the first place.

Diigo also began offering, on Sept 19th, a Diigo Education Account Facility. I haven’t investigated this yet but a post about it was put onto the SLAV Bright Ideas blog. It is worth looking at. From Diigo

‘The Diigo Educator Accounts offer a suite of features that makes it incredibly easy for teachers to get their entire class of students or their peers started on collaborative research using Diigo’s powerful web annotation and social bookmarking technology.’

For an educator account, you do have to apply and fill out how/why you want to use Diigo in your school. It can take Diigo up to 48 hours to process your application for the upgrade. I would love to hear from anyone using it.

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7 Responses

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  2. awesome review and I am going to digg diigo. thanks to share with us.

  3. Good post Rhondda, with pointers to some of the unnoticed features of Diigo. the video comment has been helpful also.
    I’ve recently moved over from Delicious, but still adjusting. How do you link the two? I’ve exported to Diigo but not vice versa.

  4. I am glad you found this useful Carole. if you go into the “tools” section and then choose “Save elsewhere” in the left-hand sidebar.

  5. Rhonda-
    Do you mind if I integrate your list on this wiki page and for possible publication?

  6. […] have become very important to me. I wrote about Diigo, and why I like using it, in detail in an earlier post. I have really found the group sharing a great boon to […]

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