Staff Professional Development Day – Web2.0


I had a very interesting day. I went with some of the staff from my school to a conference centre in the Dandenongs to spend the day thinking about the learning we want our students to do and being introduced to some Web2.0 tools.

We were also very fortunate to have Andrew Douch speak to us about what he is doing in his school. He is an amazing teacher who is absolutely committed to using 21st century tools to help his students learn. He is also very generous with his expertise and knowledge and shared so much with all of us present, but also did not gloss over the fact that there can be hiccups, however these minor because, in the long run, the overall results are fantastic. If you don’t know about Andrew, have a look at his blog and webpage. He recently won an International Innovative Teacher’s Award for his work. He was in the Community category as his project is about creating online learning communities.

Andrew has created an enviable learning environment for his VCE biology classes but the podcasts he has produced have also been used, not just in other schools in Victoria, but around the world. He creates podcasts for students to listen to them on their ipods (whatever they have available) whilst they are travelling, running or when and wherever they want to. He used Audacity to put his podcasts together then iTunes to “get them out there”. I have never really looked beyond the basics of iTunes but they have some really useful options!

He also talked about some of the other tools he uses.

  • Jing.The Jing Project is an image and video capture tool. I have just downloaded it and want to play around with it over the next few weeks, as well as finishing up all the other little things for the year. I also found a blog post about using it.


  • PodOmatic. A free podcasting service. Upload podcasts and embed them into any webpage. It also has a guide for creating podcasts. Subscribe to podcasts in iTunes.


Some of us have used Audacity before but the two tools above were new to all of us. I came away with an urge to work on more pod/vod casts and try out these tools to create some exciting learning tools for our students. A lot of the teachers today also began to write in their blogs for the first time. One comment…”it was really easy, why was I worrying?”


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