My learning in 2008

Learning Pyramid

Learning Pyramid,
originally uploaded by dkuropatwa.

By learning you will teach; by teaching you will learn. (Italian proverb)

I have always liked this proverb and the some of the variations others have created.
As it gets closer to the end of our school year, I look back on this year and realise that this is true more than ever. I have seen evidence in the classroom, with students teaching other students (and their teachers), I have seen evidence in the staff PD sessions/meetings, when different members of staff explain some new concept, tool etc. to other staff and most of all I have seen it as I use the web. Since the beginning of the SLAV web2.0 program. We all started out at the beginning having very little knowledge but, by giving ourselves permission to play, we learnt. We shared our learning and developing skills and learnt even more, and now, many months later, I am still learning and hopefully helping others along the way.

There are those who still ask me why I bother with this Web2.0 stuff and especially blogs. How can I answer those who have not spent any time in this environment and have not experienced it for themselves? I have explained all sorts of things, shown them different things and then always ended up with “go and try it for yourself, immerse yourself in the digital world and the social networks”.

Feeling as though I am part of a global learning community has made me feel more like a teacher just starting out than one who has been “at it” for a vey long time. This year has invigorated me and by sharing, I have learnt so much more than when I shared with the people in my own school. I can’t wait for next year to role around and share my enthusiasm with the students again. (And ask them for their advice on how to learn ….)


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