Setting the mood with MoodStream

It’s getting towards the end of the working year for me. I’m thinking about the last post that I want to make before I sign off for a few weeks. Tania Sheko at Brave New World has challenged me to come up with a top 10 list for the year (2008) I will post this list tomorrow. Narrowing down the list to 10 has been the hardest part.


Meanwhile as I was reading through blogs, research, etc. I came upon this site and the prompty lost the post that pointed me to it.

I like sites that involve images as you would have guessed if you have looked at this blog before. MoodStream is a very innovative application by Getty Images. (Launched in June 2008, I think.) I found that I became completely absorbed in the images and sound that were assembled together to form a continuous live stream. I watched several streams changing little things each time.

You can specify the particular mood/ambience that you want to convey and the images, videos and music from the Getty Images Media bank are put together to reflect that mood.


When you find something that you are happy with, you can add it to a virtual moodboard that can be saved and replayed later. (You can also choose to but any selected media from Getty.)


I would think there would be a place to use this in a number of class activities. First of course to set a mood for creative writing or drawing/painting. It is a tool that graphically shows students how you can put together ideas, images and sounds to create something more, but is more simple than a longer film.

Vocab exercises would be fun if you  did word associations with  the images (with/without the sound). Try to create a sentence for each of the images, then use the words and sentences to create short stories or poems.

Students could discuss the music and how it fits with the images/why it might have been used, and then what music they would use to “fit” the images.  They might also discuss why some images what coonotations the images have for them and if they fit with the suggested “mood”.

The historic nature of some of the images and music is also of great interest. Some of the photographs and films show just how much society has changed, clothes, cars, entertainment, etc.  Teachers could use this in many classroom activities as well.


3 Responses

  1. You’ve offered some excellent suggestions for this application, Rhonda; must have a play. Thanks for posting this, and looking forward to your list.

  2. I warn you, you can get stuck looking at it for a long time!!

  3. […] the sum of the parts, but simpler than a longer film. I wrote a bit of a “how-to” in a post last […]

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