A challenge for 2009

In November of 2006 a YouTube user known as MadV decided to make a call for everyone to participate in a community video project. His idea was simple: to draw attention to the things that really matter to us and which, unfortunately, we sometimes forget. The idea was to write a message on the palm of your hand and post it as a video response. A final compilation of highlights from thousands of responses was then made.

This 2008 we look back at that undoubted historic event, and we decided to once again take up the same initiative. We are launching “1globe1world”, and we invite everyone to take part in the following way: Write a message on a balloon, and post your video response on Youtube. Show us your message, and then either ‘free’ it if it is a positive one, or ‘pop’ it if it is a negative one that you would like to see rid of this world… or you can do whatever your imagination brings. What would you like to see become reality in 2009, or disappear?

There are no commercial or political forces behind this initiative, only the creators (PixelyDixel and LaComuna.tv), and everyone who wants to is welcome to participate.

Although we will not be back a school for another month, this is a great idea for our students to try. I  think that a class (perhaps Personal Development, or RE but any really) could also put together a short video as a response to the challenge. MadV have quite a few videos, on YouTube, worth looking at.


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