Spiderweb photograph

Spiderweb in the Garden

Spiderweb in the Garden,
originally uploaded by rhondda.p.

One of my photos taken last week. It was amazing to see this! There was nothing in this spot the day before but overnight an industrious little spider managed to build this. I caught the reflection in my sisters garden when I arrived at 6.30 am to look after her little children for the day. I enjoy my time with her little ones. They have a new and fresh view of the world. They help me see things from a different perspective and I think it helps me see things differently as well.
This photo is part of a group that I have been taking for a Flickr group.
I decided to be part of the 2009/365 photosgroup on Flickr. This is interesting and it is amazing to see all the different photos that people add. There are several groups with this theme but I decided to just joined one. Although I like taking photographs and have been trying to build up a collection of digital photos for my own use, I know that I would feel the need to put different photographs on each one. This is not stated anywhere but I know myself and I would as though I was cheating. There will be enough pressure to take photos when I go back to work after the holidays.

I went off to the country for last week. Although I took photographs each day, I found I could not upload them. My mobile broadband would not work in Victoria’s sixth largest city! I love the coverage and speed of the Australian network, and to think that, if the Federal government manages to bring in the filter it is trialling, it will get even slower!!

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