Sites gone but not forgotten


We are about to start a new year but already we have been hearing about the demise of various tools, one being Google Notes. There are many websites that are no longer with us.  It Died  tries to keep track of them. It itemises sites that have been (or will be) taken down or have just disappeared. It also discusses features that have been dropped from those sites that are still around.

The description for Google Notes:

Google Notes: The service allowed you to annotate Google search results by linking and creating notes. Google has various offerings that replicate but don’t fully replace this offering, which obviously didn’t have enough uptake to develop. The service won’t stop working for those using it, but no one can newly sign up for Notebook, nor will development proceed.


The site has only been around since late last year and is edited by Glenn Fleishman. Edited by Glenn Fleishman. You can send tips or news to So next time you can’t find some site, you could try this, and you might find some explanation. At least until it too no longer exists!

Speaking about things that have died but remembered (and other silly things), the world famous Dead Parrot sketch, here, in its entirety!

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