Another visualisation tool is Debategraph,which is an online global debate map. 

A wiki debate visualization tool that lets you:

  • present the strongest case on any debate that matters to you;
  • openly engage the opposing arguments;
  • create and reshape debates, make new points, rate and filter the arguments;
  • monitor the evolution of debates via RSS feeds; and,
  • share and reuse the debates on and offline;

debategraph-optionsTo fnd a map that you may want, you can chose to look at the gallery or do a “find map” search. There is also a blog that discusses current ideas.

debategraph-gallerydebategraph-findmapBoth these search options then allow you the option of looking at the explorer view or the mapper view and to share the result.

Once you have decided on the debate you are sent to the map.

map example

map example

An example of a map (in explorer view)  as I drilled down through the topic “The role of prison in 21st century society.”

When you hover over a point a pop-up gives you a longer explanation. Click on the spheres and you follow that point further.

You can also get an alternative view from the one above if you chose to look at the mapper view.debategraph2c-mapperview

The information can also be shared or embedded.

This tool offers teachers a tool to stimulate thinking, indicate the complexity of some topics that may seem simple on the surface and increase the understanding different global issues. This tool could be used in all sorts of subject areas such as legal studies, politics, geography, science, religion to name a few.

I have only been having a play around with it for an hour or so. It is well worth a look. Again, if anyone has used it in the classroom , I would be interested how it was used and what the students thought of it.

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