phET : learn about science by using simulations

The phET site has brilliantly constructed, interactive, research-based simulations of physical phenomena and is designed by the PhET (Physics Education Technology) project at the University of Colorado.












These simulations are aimed at helping the learners with the understanding of some difficult science concepts. The simulations can be used online but can also be downloaded for offline use. This is probably the best option for use in classrooms. The simulations have attractive graphics and real time data can produced by the user. The site relies on formative assessment, with the user being able to repeat the simulation many time over. Note: if they do manage to set the equipment on fire at least it is only virtually!

Although the main purpose of the site is to develop an increased understanding of physics concepts, at all levels, topics in chemistry, maths earth science and biology have also been added.phet-simulations










phet-earth_sciOne example in Earth Science.

This allows you to play with options to see just how greenhouse gases affect climate.

This could be used in our science and our geography classes. The English classes have even had this as the basis for a debate. the simulation allows the students to get a much greater understanding of the topic.

Another great aspect of the site is that the simulations offer teachers teaching ideas (around this and related topics), sample learning goals and some offer teachers guides for using the simulation. Teachers are encouraged share how they have used the simulations by upload their ideas and activities.

Another site that is certainly worth a look.


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