A visual dictionary called Shahi

Shahi is another amazing tool that uses Flickr images (although you also have the option of choosing from Google or Yahoo). I found out about it from a shared bookmark, by shared by Carla Arena, in one of the Diigo groups I belong to.

What a great idea it is to combine the definition/s of a word with images pulled from Flickr. Shahi is so simple to use and the multiple images that accompany the definitions are really interesting and often very emotive.


You can go beyond simply using it to help students understand the definitions of a word, I can see Shahi being used to help with ideas for creative creative writing purposes. Typing in the words “love” and “sorrow” bring up the following images.





The images for the concepts of love and sorrow are interesting and could be discussed by students who could then try to find their own images to represent a feeling.

When you click on an image you like, an enlarged version pops-up. You can then follow it back, to the person responsible for that photo, to see what else they may have to offer. However also be aware that the images are not censored and the whole Flickr library is available.

Geometry of Death II

Geometry of Death II

Note: The Google option gives you images from google pages and you can find documents, with the tag you used, linked to the image.

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