Tips on Writing

We are getting back into school life for another year. There are many new class combinations and I am still hearing about holiday exploits. There are a few students who used some of their holiday time to do some writing. Quite a few of our students enjoy writing and some are very serious about getting items published.

One interesting source of information about the craft of writing is on  Justine Larbalestier‘s blog. She devoted the whole of her January blog to the topic of writing. This was done in a question and answer style, with her blog readers asked to provide questions. These questions were varied and Justine’s answers were interesting and insightful. Justine’s thoughtful and detailed answers are easily accessible and she also uses examples and quotes from other authors to illustrate her points. It is a month of posts that would be of interest to the students who are interested in the craft of writing.

I like reading the blogs and sites of different authors. I have found that it offers me some extra insight and that helps me “sell” the novels to the boys at my school. It is easier in some cases, especially if the boys aren’t avid readers, when you can provide some links between the student and the author of a book.

Justine’s blog has posts that are  interesting, funny and “normal”. She is a person, but a person who happens to be a published author. She puts in her photos and is also a bit of a sports tragic. Budding authors/writers could find her blog insightful and her posts easy to identify with and if she can acheive her writing ambitions then……

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