Culture Now – a social magazine



There is a profusion of items on modern culture, art, design and media on the site of the online social magazine, Culture Now.  Note: social not society.


This site offers all sorts of interesting bits and pieces. The site is divided into sections; zeitgeist, culture blog, people, objects and media,

I like looking at the options under the Objects tab. The vehicles section has some interesting and unusual  ideas for different vehicles. It could be useful for technical design  and technlogysubjects. One example for instance is the light lane, an option for bike riders in urban areas.

 Any urbanite knows, riding a bicycle in the big city is risky business. Evan Gant and Alex Tee developed LightLane to put traffic safety directly in the hands of riders. Using laser technology, Light Lane projects a bicycle lane onto the pavement under, before, and after a rider, providing a bright and clearly defined bike path for drivers to take note of. 

The Art option has many different creative pieces that offers all sorts of examples so that students could gain a better understanding of art and the sorts of pathways that you can choose to follow.

The Interior option, for example, has great examples of current modern design. Our students are often looking for examples of furniture design. Designers featured are from many different backgrounds and have had varied cultural influences. Again it would be useful for Design and Technology as well as other subjects .


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