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  1. […] about Ebooks as of February 14, 2009 Useful Links (weekly) – 02/15/2009 Culture Now : a social magazine about art, design and media […]

  2. […] Chetan wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptOnce the book is done you can email the link to a friend, teacher, or yourself for posting on a blog, website, or online journal. You can create the online version for free, but have to pay if you want them to print a hard-copy version. … Now you can search image search engines, photo sharing websites or your own local picture collections simultaneously. Find what you’re looking for and use it instantly in your own creation – document, presentation, art work” … […]

  3. If you haven’t checked out Zoomerang, I suggest you do it today. Zoomerang pioneered the online survey space and continues to be the best tool money can buy. They have a free version (30 questions, 100 respondents), one you can access for only $19 per month, and a premium version with lots of advanced features. It is very easy to use – but if you have questions, they offer free telephone support and a wide range of online webinars and tutorials. Since they are part of MarketTools, one of the largest market research companies in the world, they have access to a wide range of survey expertise which enables them to build a product that reflects real world needs. They offer a wide range of templates enabling you to quickly design a great survey – powerful list management tools, including easy access to a 2 million member panel of potential survey takers – the ability to send surveys via email, mobile phones, or web sites – and a range of useful reporting and analysis tools including export to Powerpoint and open ended text analysis.

  4. […] post by Rhondda’s Reflections – wandering around the Web and software by Elliott Back Categories: Uncategorized Posted By: Last Edit: 15 Feb 2009 […]

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