Tabbloid- bridging the gap to Web2.0


I have been occassionally emailing teachers FYI messages about important information on various blogs. I don’t do it regularily because I don’t always have the time to put things together and many individual emails can  be overwhelming or too much for the staff.

So I have been looking at the tool called Tabbloid. I am considering it as a way of introducing some of  the teachers to some of the great educational  blogs. I know that blogs are not new and neither are the RSS feeds but there are many who still do not understand too much about them.

Tabbloid is a simple web application that allows you to submit a set of RSS feeds, along with an email.  Tabbloid  will then email your address a “print-ready” .pdf newsletter/magazine on whatever schedule you prefer. The newsletter/magazine aggregates together all the recent postings from the blogs you have chosen.


You could then send the digest to the staff, or students if that was your aim, in a simple format. They could choose to print it out or read it on their computers. This would hopefully whet their appetite for reading blogs and using RSS feeds themselves. Those who have been hesitant about using RSS and reading blogs may see the relevance and feel comfortable enough to begin use them for themselves

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