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I have been trying to think interesting themes that students could be given for their photographs. I had seen a few references to the and the HumanCalendar so I though I would have a look.  The February example of the calendar is above. A little of the Brady Bunch being channelled in this one. Set the week to start on Sunday or Monday and the size, large or small.

This would be a good idea for students to create their own class photo calendar. Each month there could be a theme and then member of the class would take a photograph. Our year 7 students  have webcams in their notebooks/laptops so it would be very easy to do. It would offer a fun way to learn about how to use their webcams and learn a bit more about each other. Each month could be printed, laminated and up on their classroom wall.


The Human Clock shows a photograph for the current time (set by you) and it changes each minute. There are a huge number of photographs that people, from all over the world, have uploaded for use. The photographs can vary immensely in style and perspective.





You can choose analogue or digital clocks, set the time for a 12 or 24 hour time, change the background colour and choose some photo selection criteria.

The inventiveness of the people who have been taking the photographs is phenomenal. It is another way that the web is using communal activity to be creative.

Anyone can submit an idea for a time but read the guidelines on the site carefully. I am sure that many of our students could come up with all sorts of inventive ways to indicate a time.



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