Pool & collaboration and the ABC


The photo is from Antarctic Photo Library on Wikimedia Commons

Another great resource becoming available to us. From a post on the Creative Commons Australia site about the Pool site. 

If you haven’t seen it, ABC Radio National developed the Pool, just under 6 months ago, as a social media project. It is a collaborative space set up to share your creative work with the Pool community and ABC producers. You can upload your own work, be it music, photos, videos, documentaries, interviews, animations to name just a few. You can of course download items to build upon or remix for your own information. So. like all good collaborative spaces, the users/readers can also become the creators. There is a search facility and so choosing the right tags for material is important if you want people to find your work.

The photo above was from a post “Project: Polar attraction from Pool team, 18.12.08” and it was part of what they named “call-outs”, when people are asked to contribute to the Pool. There are all sorts of topics and what a great opprtunity to give students another way for sharing their talents with a larger audience.

les mutants de goré

les mutants de goré Image on Flickr by Frostis,

Getting back to the announcment the other day from the Blog: Gene Pool launch & open archives release from Pool team, 12.02.09

The ABC’s collaborative media site, Pool, has made another Australian first. To celebrate Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday, Pool has launched its Gene Pool call out by posting a recording from the ABC archives of genetics professor Steve Jones talking about Darwin’s life and work. This is only the first of a series of ABC archival materials, all based loosely around the theme of evolution and mutation, that will be released online as part of the project. What’s exciting about Gene Pool is that the materials are being released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial licence.

This is another call-out for everyone to contribute something to the Pool.

You can also create your own work exploring the themes of evolution and mutation in lateral ways, and share them back into the Gene Pool. Just tag any contribution ‘gene pool’.
We’ll be following the evolution in the Gene Pool and featuring your contributions on ABC radio throughout the year.
Later in the year a selection of the Gene Pool pieces will be chosen for a public exhibition at Melbourne’s RMIT on November 24th – the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s book The Origin of Species.

Have a look at the post. They are asking for all sorts of media and contributions about genes/genetics. I love the idea of students having a larger audience than just their teacher, or class. I think that many take a great pride in their work when they are sharing with the wider world, especially the more able or interested students, who really rise to the opportunity.

I am tryng to envisage something that could be done in Book week and the better attempts could be uploaded to Pool, but of course I don’t jave to wait until book week! Has anyone else looked at Pool, and taken advantage of the things it offers?


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