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 ideas2inspireMy 201st post and it seems along time since my first one.










‘Ideas to Inspire’ is a collection of Google Docs presentations, which offer a large number of ideas for engaging lesson activities in a range of curriculum areas.The presentations are a collaboration between lots of fantastic teachers around the world.

Mark Warner created the site that was inspired by the Google Docs presentations that were created by Tom Barrett. (He had a lot of contributions from the  many teachers who read his blog and are part of his Twitter network) Mark also found that many people responded to his idea and has put them into his site and included some of Tom Barrett’s presentations as well.


Also have a look at what Tom Barrett writes on his blog ICT in the classroom. His blog post 100 Interesting Ways is a fantastic resource if you are looking for ideas that will engage students. There are some great slideshows that inspire you to use the technoloies available to make learning interesting. Ways of using GoogleEarth and GoogleDocs in the classroom as well as “35 ways to use your pocket video camera in the classroom“. The ideas are not too difficult and are easily adapted to all types of subjects and lessons. The ideas have come from teachers and have been shared with Tom, who has collated them into his slide presentations.

The latest of Tom’s posts was about using instant messaging to engage students in reading comprehension.

My target in the lesson was to engage the children with reading comprehension using technology we use in our classroom. I think we did that. It is taking what the children enjoy doing and harnessing that engagement, attempting to merge and utilise the skills they use outside of school to impact on their engagement with their learning.

After a long day or a meeting, where you hear stories about how technology does not work as well as pen and paper when educating young people, it is really good to be able to find these websites. Here you can read about positive stories and be reminded of all the times when lessons have been successful in engaging students, in learning and higher-order thinking, whilst using a variety of digital resources for the activities.

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