Miles Franklin Literary Award – the long list

Miles Franklin

Miles Franklin, 1879 – 1954

The long list for the Miles Franklin Literary Award was published last week.

Miles Franklin was born Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin and she was committed to the development Australian literature throughout her life. She actively pursued this goal by supporting writers, literary journals, and writers’ organisations.

The final list of titles, chosen for the award, always cause discussion and a little controversy, especially about what is included and what has been left out.

This year the list includes

  • The Pages by Murray Bail (Text Publishing)
  • Wanting by Richard Flanagan (Random House) ABC RadioNational BookShow interview with Ramona Koval. Also a Book Trailer
  • Addition by Toni Jordan (Harper Collins Australia)
  • One Foot Wrong by Sofie Laguna (Allen and Unwin)
  • Ice by Louise Nowra (Allen and Unwin)
  • Fugitive Blue by Claire Thomas (Allen and Unwin)
  • A Fraction of the Whole by Steve Toltz (Penguin Books, Australia)
  • The Devil’s Eye by Ian Townsend (Harper Collins Australia)
  • The Slap by Christos T (Allen and Unwin) Video-Christos Tsiolkas in conversation (and reading) with Sophie Cunningham (Boomerang Books)The  BookShow (ABC) also reviewed The Slap
  • Breath by Tim Winton (Penguin Books, Australia) I wrote a post last year about The Herald Sun’s piece, “In Winton’s voice“, on June 22nd. It was a short article but it did provide some useful extras. You can listen to Tim Winton reading 3 extracts from the novel as well as watch a short video trailer for it. The passages are good examples of Winton’s descriptive prose. The book trailer is very evocative and gives a real sense of place.
  • We have three of these novels in our library, Wanting, Breath and The Slap. The staff have been reading all three and, as yet, I have not managed to read them myself. This will give me extra incentive to ask that the teachers read the books and get them back in to the library. Everyone I have spoken to about The Slap has told me that it is a very powerful story and others say the Breath is beautifully written.


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